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Valobra Shavin Soap

Valobra Shavin Soap

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Brief Product Information

The shaving soap is based on almond oil. The glycerin and sweet almond oil give the skin an additional elasticity.

150-gr. bar.

Manufacturer:  Valobra

Additional Information

A soft as butter, with the scent of almonds.

This shaving soap has been produced by Saponificio Virgilio Valobra in Genoa since 1903. Its discreet, clean scent based on almond oil permeates the high-yield lather from the soap. Valobra has the consistency of butter and is easy to divide in portions in a jar.

Shaving soaps and creams.

When soap dissolves the outer layer of fat on the beard hairs, they absorb water and swell up. Since the facial skin also swells up with water, the beard hairs stand up, waiting to be shaved off. However only an alkaline (i.e. nonpH neutral) creamy lather has the right swelling effect to enable the blade to glide smoothly and closely over the skin. Applying a warm, damp towel to the face before wet-shaving enhances the desired effect. After shaving, soapy residues must be carefully rinsed off and removed from the shaving brush. Finish your shave by applying an astringent aftershave to neutralize the skin.

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