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Rosettes Made of Iron (1 set)

Rosettes Made of Iron (1 set)

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Brief Product Information

2 key rosettes and 2 handle rosettes. Ø 5 cm. Weight 40 g. Delivery with fastening material, without door handle.

Additional Information

Iron forged in Bavaria.

These products have been made for over one hundred years by a family run smithy now in the third generation. For more than 20 years the firm has specialized in making handcrafted iron door and window fittings while keeping abreast of contemporary manufacturing techniques. For instance, the iron blanks are precision cut with a laser using a computer guided lathe and produced in series. The subsequent forging of the parts by hand then proceeds exactly as it did one hundred years ago. It’s the free-form forging by a skilled blacksmith that gives the work its finished look. Form, color and surface texture are determined mainly by the forging temperature. In the process of cooling, the door handles are treated in a specially developed process with a corrosion proof layer which is neither visible nor palpable. For use outdoors the door handle sets can only be used with constant care.

Please note:

You’ll have to order the plates for our door handles and knobs separately: either the standard backplates for German room doors with a gap of 72 mm from the keyhole to the center of the grip-hole or a set of handle and keyhole rosettes, for which there is no standard gap.

We offer backplates for tumbler locks with normal room keys and we can provide you with backplates for profile cylinder locks with security keys from our special order department. (Note: we can’t provide backplates for profile cylinder locks for the iron door handles.)

The door handle cross sections are 8 by 8 mm and 7 x 7 mm for the window handles. Those are the normal sizes for contemporary doors and windows. If you want fittings with a different set of dimensions or in a special execution, please consult our special order department.

Unless otherwise indicated the handles are delivered without screws.


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