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Marseilles Soap Block

Marseilles Soap Block

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Brief Product Information

A large block of non-scented soap, in a wooden box with a sliding top and cutting wire. You can cut off pieces of the size you require for use as hand, shower or bath soap.
Weight 2,5 kg.

Manufacturer:  Rampal Latour

Additional Information

Savon de Marseille – Marseilles soap.

Genoa (and the Riviera, right down to Portofino) was the region of origin of the finest soaps in Europe for a long time. After Louis XIV had induced the best Genoese soap boilers to move to France, a new centre of soap production arose around Marseilles and its products soon became world-famous. The raw materials of the legendary Marseilles soap came from rich local olive groves and from the luxuriant herbs and medicinal plants of Provençe. So genuine Marseilles soaps are boiled from pure vegetable oils.
Our manufacturer is located to the north of Marseilles, in the heart of Provençe. He is one of the last »maîtres savonniers« in the honourable tradition of Marseilles soap making and produces soaps, body hygiene products, essences and other cosmetics strictly in line with the purity regulations in force since 1688. Only natural ingredients, above all olive oil, are boiled in a copper pan to produce an outstandingly good soap with a high fat content (72% oil) and without alkali reaction. All products are free from synthetic colourings, animal fats, mineral oils and preservatives.


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