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    Gardening Season

    Forged garden tools.

    It is modern practice to produce garden tools by pressing and rolling processes. The difference between such tools and forged ones need hardly be explained. The photographs on this page speak volumes. Only with forging all the small details can be attended to and the materials compressed or reinforced where necessary.

    Forged in West Friesland. By Sneeboer.

    For over 100 years Jaap Sneeboer's (pronounced »Snaybooer«) descendants have been supplying their fellow West Frisian citizens with the tools they require for their agricultural work, construction and horticulture. In order to manufacture these traditional stainless steel Frisian garden tools, Sneeboer uses two different grades of stainless steel: a highgrade, toughened steel for the springs and shaft socket, and a lesser, simpler to forge grade for the actual working parts. The elements are permanently welded together and subsequently ground and polished. All these processes are carried out by hand.



    Sheet steel rain barrel.

    From this 150-l barrel standing on a pedestal, the water can go directly into the watering can or pail, or, if it is full enough and there is enough pressure, even into a hose. (With the tap, you can also empty the whole barrel easily.) A 10 cm ø hole in the lid allows attaching it to a downspout from a house or building.

    A Barrel with overflow, lid and 33.5 cm high pedestal. Made of hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated green sheet steel.

    There is a brass tap with hose fitting at a height of 29.5 cm. Total height 120 cm, 52 cm dia. Capacity 150 l. Total weight 23.2 kg.

    Solid Brass Turned Sprinkler – with no moving parts!

    It’s an old principle: build up the pressure, and let the water do the work for you – with the help of one little piece of metal, which, being immobile, will never go wrong or wear out. Here, for engineering enthusiasts, are the details:

    water is forced in from the side and, inside the circular casing, begins to whiz round in ever-decreasing circles. While all this is happening, a clever little piece of metal in the middle diverts the stream in an upward direction – natural technology at its simplest and most brilliant.

    The revolving upper part is made of a special brass alloy that conforms to international drinking water hygiene standards. This is the perfect sprinkler for those parts of your garden where a rather narrow, but precision-adjustable sprinkling water radius is required: all you have to do is regulate the flow of water from the tap!

    £ 67,00

    Garden troughs

    Galvanized Steel Plant Holder.

    From France: Heavy Galvanized Steel Plant Holder. This high-quality tub is made of strong steel plate with a thick coat of zinc. Galvanization is by immersion, the best and most durable method – thanks to this, the manufacturer is in a position to give a 10 years’ guarantee. The tub has a simple, traditional finish – the handles are the only ornamentation.

    Wooden planting buckets.

    The temperature-balancing quality of oak wood protects plants more efficiently against the cold than any ceramic pot ever could. The buckets are made of single oak staves, pegged, glued watertightly and additionally held together by hoops of zinc-coated steel strip. They are fire-treated on the inside, which accounts for their great longevity. They already have drainage holes.

    from £ 195,00


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