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Anti-slug Copper Rings

Anti-slug Copper Rings

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Brief Product Information

6 pieces.. 0.5 mm thick. Height 5 cm, 17 cm. Weight 130 g.

Additional Information

Copper borders.

Some say that slugs and snails get an electric shock when they touch copper. This may or may not be true: but one thing has been proven, that copper, when it comes into contact with the creatures’ natural body slime, sets off an unpleasant reaction (due to oxidization) that deters them from trying to crawl over the copper strips. The rings don’t need any particular shape, only the material is important – pure copper plate. Here we offer a repellent whose effectiveness is due to a portion of pure copper – they are suitable for garden beds and pots.

Modest, but effective.

These rings – you can place them in a plot of vegetables or in beds of perennials around the newly planted or the fresh growth – come with a simple, precise form without any special profile. The only thing that is important is the material (based upon the above-mentioned reasons): a pure copper plate, generally avoided by the snails. Wait for just a few days after setting it up and then see if snail eggs still appear inside of the copper borders.

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