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Truly English. Men’s Elysian Duffle Coat

Men’s Elysian Duffle Coat

What makes this coat special is its fabric: Elysian, with its extra layer of weft threads, creates an extra shield that is water and snow resistant. Its herringbone structure reduces the surface tension making this full weight yarn soft, warm and cozy. This unusual combination of qualities makes this coat easy to wear, very attractive and ideal for wintery weather. The coat has all the classic duffle coat details of course.
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Brass Pendulum Candle Holder

Brass Pendulum Candle Holder

his asymmetric pendulum candle holder is stabilized with a single counterweight and is a successful aesthetic and functional alternative to candle holders which are clamped. This type of candle holder for the Christmas tree has been around for more than a hundred years now, and was usually made of tin, lead, or solid brass. Ours is available either in nickel plated brass or in gold plated brass. The flexible holding tines will hold candles up 1.3 cm in diameter.
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Save Your Memories. Rayon Photo Album

Rayon Photo Album

These handmade photo albums owe their long lives to two things. One, a cover made of high quality abrasion-proof rayon, a viscose material, and two, the binding, the inner book of which is glued and screwed shut with binding screws. Individual pages can’t be removed. Quite old-fashioned indeed, but we think that’s the way a photo album should be made.

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Very Traditional. Tre Spade Coffee Grinder

Tre Spade Coffee Grinder

Enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee as you grind the beans using the flywheel. Connoisseurs agree that freshly ground coffee tastes so much better if it is ground manually, not electronically. This beautiful old Italian device transforms an unpopular chore into a pleasure. It is also extremely attractive: the body, flywheel and cogs are cast iron, the mill forged steel, and the crank handle and base are beech. The mill can be adjusted from fine, for espresso, to coarse, for filter coffee.
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Lounge Furniture. Mariposa Chair

Mariposa Chair

The strong leather out of which this seat’s surface is made is vegetable dyed saddle leather from Argentinian cattle and processed according to traditional methods. The leather is hardly “smoothed out” – on the contrary: it still reveals clear traces of the animals’ life. The handcrafted manufacturing – with the producer in Sweden – follows the character of the material. The leather is sewn angularly: a very elaborate type of production which not only places emphasis on the optical. It also offers the technical advantage that the seams accompany every movement of the leather.
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Collector’s Item. Stirling Engine No. 10

Stirling Engine No. 10

This miniature Stirling engine runs on spirit and is made of the same materials as the real thing, and with the same care and precision. We offer here one model – with all parts of brass, aluminum, or stainless steel – in two versions: one, for hot-air engine freaks who like to see for themselves how everything works, as an assembly kit; the other ready-to-use. The engines, which produce a maximum of 2,000 revs per minute and are fitted with a driving wheel to power other models, will run for about 20 minutes on one filling of spirit.
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Rare Quality. Men’s Seldom Pearl Knit Sweater

Men‘s Seldom Perl Knit Sweater

This soft, breathable sweater in pearl knit is seamlessly knit out of Merino lamb’s wool. It can be worn normally or inside-out, whereby the different hues of the clearly visible knitted fabric pearls emerge to produce a vivid depth of color. The pattern arrangement running from the shoulder to the collar requires extensive knitting experience in order to achieve the perfect fit the German knitting specialist Seldom is known for. The pullover is prewashed.
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Thick and Warm. Eribé Fair Isle Lamb’s Wool Cap

Eribé fair isle ladies’ lambswool cap

‘Fair Isle’ patterns have a long tradition. Originally they were only used for the thick pullovers worn by the local fishermen who lived on the small island named Fair Isle off the northern coast of Scotland. Today everybody may wear them. In this thick cap you’ll find at least two different colors in one row. Two-ply lamb’s wool from the first shearing is used to knit it. The spinning technique involves a double-spinning and twisting process that gives the material and unrivalled brilliance – one, we find, especially good for the color red.
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Practical Chic. Women’s Sonnenleder Handbag

Women’s Sonnenleder Handbag

The most common opinion about women’s handbags is probably that they are never big enough – but when they do have the right size, it’s too difficult to find anything in them. This bag offers lots of space, yet does not appear bulky. And it can open very wide, thanks to the zipper that extends the entire width. Inside, the bag has a zipper compartment for wallet and papers as well as a pocket for a mobile phone. A sewn-in leather band with carabiner secures the keys. The supple leather warmly hugs the body and is very comfortable to wear. The shoulder strap is length-adjustable.
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Short and Stout. Enamel Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle Made of Enamel

It works like a real kettle – first you boil water in it directly on the stove, then you slip in the strainer with the tea leaves, like a tea pot. The kettle is cast in one piece, with the spout attached afterwards. When we first offered it with a black enameled surface the kettle was manufactured by the Geithainer Emaillierwerk in Saxony. The manufacturing facility and brand name have long since changed hands, but the kettle is still produced in Germany.
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Comfortable Shoes. Haflinger Felt Slipper

Haflinger Felt Slipper

The art of making felt from wool is at least 7,000 years old, yet real felt is rarely found today. Cheap imitations are everywhere, however – mostly by-products of polyacryl and other plastics. Real milled felt is made of cow’s and sheep’s wool, and nothing else; wool felt is made of pure wool. Real felt footwear acts like air conditioning – your foot stays cool when it’s hot outside, and warm when it’s cold. In short, the ideal slipper – particularly if the slipper is so well made as the one we offer here.
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For the Festive Season. Christmas Accessories

Plywood Stable

We’ve heard of an old English tradition – involving a mince pie baked in the shape of a manger to hold the Christ child, but only until dinner time on Christmas Day (when the pie would be eaten). Whether you find this appealing or not (we couldn’t say), our collectible figurines are made from lindenwood – the crib, too – and hand carved and painted in traditional ways. Our glass decorations follow the old German tradition of trimming the Christmas tree with globes and miniatures reflecting and refracting candle light. You’ll also find in our range candle holders for tree and table, a modern day advent wreath and other accessories.

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With a Precious Shimmer. Murano Glass Bracelet

Murano Glass Bracelet

The island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon is still a center of production for precious items of glass. The shimmering colored glass beads created there in the best tradition of Venetian craftsmanship are fastened with high quality clasps from a Pforzheim jewellery workshop. The beads garner their form, color and beauty by hand beneath the flame in a time consuming process. A raw bead separated from a glass rod is covered with a pure gold foil (for the colored beads) or, in an extremely elaborate process, a powder mixture containing copper is added for the so-called pastel colored beads.
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Festive Tradition. Moravian Star

Moravian Star

The Moravian Advent Star has been in our range for years and always in demand. It was originally made by the “Moravian Church”, a religious fraternity of Moravian emigrants which named itself “Herrenhut”, literally meaning “under the Lord’s watchful care”, founded in 1722 in East Saxony. Their influence on Christian life in Germany was considerable: Assembling a large star on the first Sunday in Advent and maintaining it until Christmas is a tradition which goes back to the Moravian communities in Saxony and Hesse.
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Home Bakery. Tin-plate Shape Cutters

10 Tin-plate Shape Cutters

These Christmas biscuit cutters have been made for us by Krifka & Co. in Austria. The soldering is done by hand, and the joins are invisible, which means that your biscuits or small cakes have completely smooth edges – more hygienic, less risk of cuts to the hands, and also something for your family and guests to admire, as cheap cutters always produce ragged edges. They’re durable too, and will serve you well for many, many Christmases to come.
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Made in Germany. Classic Bolich’s Light

Classic Bolich Light

This is the original design of the Bolich ceiling lights, which once again have become very popular with interior decorators and designers. The reflector is made of black powder-coated sheet steel. As the lamp fitting is high up in the shade, the light as well does not dazzle. Bolich lights have been produced in southern Germany since the beginning of the twentieth century. The company was founded in 1911 by Eugen Bolich, who was the son of a local ale-brewer, and has been in the hands of the family ever since.
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