Run Forrest, Run! Brütting Marathon Running Shoe

78800 Brütting Marathon

This Brütting sports shoe has been made since the end of the 1960s and enjoys cult status among connoisseurs and competitive athletes alike. It was developed in close co-operation between the Nuremberg shoemaker Eugen Brütting and several coaches and athletes and is today still handmade in Germany. The Marathon model is made of cowhide suede and constructed on a last – the perforated upper prevents heat from accumulating in the interior. A soft border lining surrounds the heel and the sole’s edge and back are strengthened with rubber. Shop the Product

A Sense of History. Nigel Cabourn and Armor lux

Nigel Cabourn - Armor Lux Men’s Knitted Shirt

English designer Nigel Cabourn, who has long been famous for his collections of clothing with a vintage twist, and Armor lux, the French clothes company inspired by Breton maritime tradition, have joined forces for these tops. Both have been suppliers for Manufactum for years now, and we’re proud to say it was our idea that they made a shirt or two for us. No wonder the result of this co-operation between Great Britain and Brittany are sailor shirts, manufactured in Quimper from a smooth cotton jersey – and with attention to historic details.
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No Motor Needed. Manually Operated Lawn Mower

It comes from the American Lawn Mower Company that has been building lawn mowers for 100 years. As a manually operated mower it can do more than one imagines – with a weight of approximately 10 kilograms the mower works on all different lawn types and can even be used in meadows. It mows precisely, effortlessly, and quietly; for this, it is indebted to the excellent technology and workmanship with which it is built: seven hardened, sharp, and edge retaining blades on a ball bearing spindle mow a swathe of 38 millimetres.
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Traditional Style, Unusual Material. Bolich Large Copper Outdoor Lamp

Bolich Large Copper Outdoor Lamp

The Bolich outdoor lamps of black-coated aluminum are among the most popular of our range and we've been asked again and again by customers if we can't do them in copper. So we took the request on board and asked the manufacturer, Bolich in southern Germany, to make this one for us. In shape they of course resemble the aluminum model, but are made of strong copper plate instead – and the metal hasn't been coated, so the copper will over time build up a characteristically delightful patina. The lamps are – needless to say – made to be used out of doors.
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A Single Piece of Leather. Cowhide Leather Document Bag

Cowhide Leather Document Bag

The base for this document bag is natural, vegetable, barrel tanned saddle leather from South German cattle that proofs robust and resilient in daily use. Unlined and without subdivisions, the bag is made from a single piece of leather – only the side panels, out of soft nappa leather, are sewn on. The edges are neatly smoothed out and painted, cleaned and polished. The bag is suitable for regular DIN A4 documents, and a laptop with 13-inch monitor will also fit in.
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Bentwood. TON Swivel Armchair for the Office

TON Swivel Armchair for the Office

The furniture factory that makes this chair – in Bystrice, Czech Republic – was originally founded by the bentwood pioneer Michael Thonet in 1861, and has been producing the TON marque since the 1950s. We recommend this seating furniture to anyone who has to spend time sitting behind a desk, and who values style, comfort and a construction that allows simple adjustment of seat height without the modern confusion of levers and handles. With this model, based on a historic design of course, the height can be adjusted by simple swiveling by means of a spindle on which the seat is mounted.
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A Classic in Shape and Design. Italian Stainless Steel Kettle

Italian Stainless Steel Kettle

This kettle is made on Lago Maggiore and not at all light, which is due in part to a wall thickness of one millimeter, but also due to the multi-layers of stainless steel with an aluminium core. It has a very traditional form – and for a very good reason: it has, like any other kettle, to heat great quantities of water in a short period of time with the least energy. For that the shape must have the least surface area and the largest base, because the heat is conducted through the bottom of the kettle (instead of radiated by the surface).
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For Optimum Results. Enamel Pie and Quiche Form

Pie and Quiche Form Made of Enamel

Classic pie form with a removable bottom – ideal for fruit pies and hearty quiches alike. It is manufactured by the Swabian company of Walter and made of .8 mm thick steel plate. The enameled material is cut and scratch proof as well as acid-resistant. The fact that it is also heat conducting makes for optimum baking results.
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For an Artful Game. Boule Leisure Balls

Boule Leisure Balls

The most popular ball game, known generally as ”boule“ is without a doubt the French Pétanque, a tactic oriented version of the Lyonnaise boule borne in 1910 in Marseille. Even novices quickly grasp the gist of the game: on the one hand placing the ball as near to the jack (target ball) as possible, while knocking (shooting) the opponent’s ball as far away as possible from the jack. Our boule balls come from France – where else? – and are made of hardened carbon steel with a gleaming, chromed surface.
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Lasts a Lifetime. Eternit Balcony Box

Eternit Balcony Box

It’s easy to guess why the material is called Eternit – think of ‘aeternitas’, the latin word for eternity. It is made to last forever by the Swiss firm of Eternit AG. Originally a building material, Eternit contains portland cement, limestone meal, cellulose, reinforcement fibers, and water and air. It is light and firm at the same moment, and it regulates humidity. So – what seems ideal for a building material is well-suited for use in a balcony box like this one. We offer it in two colours.
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From the Jardin du Luxembourg. Garden Seat with Aluminium Arm-Rest

Garden Seat with Aluminium Arm-Rest

Fermob in France designed this garden seat for Paris’ Jardin du Luxembourg, where these chairs stand to this day. With their well-proportioned measurements, the seats are an aesthetic enjoyment – and very comfortable. Made of aluminium, they are absolutely rustproof and easy to maintain, and they can be moved with little effort to any location in your garden, due to their light weight. We offer this garden seat with arm-rest in two colours – in bright red or in deep green.
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Exterior Lighting. Shallow Light

Shallow Light

This round outdoor light comes with a weatherproof casing of brass and a glazed glass insert. It is only five centimeters deep and 14 centimeters in diameter. Thought of as an outdoor light the shallow light can just as well be used inside – in your cellar or bathroom, or in your garden shed. The light is easy to mount.
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Simply a Classic. Men’s Linen Jersey Shirt

Men’s Linen Jersey Shirt

Also known as ”Henley“, this shirt has been made since the mid-19th century, in the 1920s and 1930s it was the typical worker undershirt. Ours is made of smooth stockinette stitched linen, which is a real challenge to produce in this fineness. Several rows of purl stitching optically accentuate the wide ribbing. The button panel comes with four mother-of-pearl buttons. We offer this linen jersey shirt in two colors – natural or dark blue.
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Tradition – Revived. 3 Piece Terry Cloth ‘Mining‘ Hand Towels

3 Piece Terry Cloth ‘Mining’ Hand Towels

Nowadays, one would find these robust, durable towels only in a kitchen – rarely in the washhouse of a coal mine. As was the case in the past, today weaving mills manufacture these indestructible terry towels in order to process and manipulate the remains of yarn that exist in the most varied colour forms. It is there, in such mills, that these remains frequently accumulate in large quantities – and, in this way, fantastic, colourful designs are generated, with the colour composition always varied. The terry cloths are woven in a threaded quality.
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Comfortable to Wear. Armor lux Terry Cloth Shirt

Armor Lux Terry Cloth Shirt

Armor lux in Brittany uses bright blue terry cloth to make this simple, comfortably cut shirt. The shirt’s crew neckline is adorned with a knitted, tri-color band, and it is made of the finest Egyptian cotton, which is ring spun and of the highest yarn quality. Terry cloth especially is made from elaborate yarns multiply twisted, which already possess the loops typical for this fabric – hence the lively, smooth surface of the material. Fabric of this kind is not only voluminous and soft, it also has loops on the underside and is permeable to air.
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Working Shoes. Red Wing’s Chelsea Rancher

Red Wing Chelsea Rancher

These are boots to last a lifetime – the longer you wear them, the more you'll like them and the better they'll look. American ranchers always appreciated their hardwearing qualities and used them for work and also for riding. Like all Red Wing footwear, the Chelsea Rancher is made of full-grain leather, oil-tanned and later treated with a special mixture of various waxes and oils. The shoe needs to be given two or three outings before it begins to adapt to your personal foot-shape and to acquire 'give'. But – once broken in, you'll find it unbeatable for support and comfort.
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An American Classic. Folding Aluminum Paper Sorter

Folding Aluminium Paper Sorter

For brain workers. Known as a ‘collator’, this is an American classic. It’s a flexible and space-saving file for work in progress, ideal for sorting and prioritizing your paper work. The paper sorter is suitable for any desk – even the largest version, with 24 compartments and a maximum folded-out size of 2.5 meters. Folded out, it has a depth of 80 cm and each compartment will take a batch of papers up to 2.4 mm thick. And by the way – the paper sorter also serves well as a newspaper and magazine holder.
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Practical Chic. Women’s Sonnenleder Handbag

Women’s Sonnenleder Handbag

The most common opinion about women’s handbags is probably that they are never big enough – but when they do have the right size, it’s too difficult to find anything in them. This bag offers lots of space, yet does not appear bulky. And it can open very wide, thanks to the zipper that extends the entire width. Inside, the bag has a zipper compartment for wallet and papers as well as a pocket for a mobile phone. A sewn-in leather band with carabiner secures the keys. The supple leather warmly hugs the body and is very comfortable to wear. The shoulder strap is length-adjustable.
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Gardener’s Favourite. Pruning Shears with Beechwood Handles

Pruning Shears with Beechwood Handles

The handles of these pruning shears are made of beechwood, a hardwood that sits comfortably in the hand, which is advantageous especially when it’s cold outside. These shears are very solidly built, with an adjustment scew for the blades held by a guide plate and a smooth spring action. A rugged metal loop is attached to close the tool safely when not in use. The blades cut branches up to 2.5 cm in diameter.
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