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A specially convenient and also quick way of making a gift is our gift certificate. We offer it online only and in PDF format. You may print it out as soon as you have placed your order and stated the preferred value. Or you may send it on directly in an e-mail – either way, there are five different motives for you to choose from. Our gift certificates have no expiry date and are redeemable with any online order.

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A Small Treasure. Cordovan Gentlemen’s Wallet

Small Cordovan Gentlemen’s Wallet

Our leather manufacturers Kreis & Co. in Hesse have made this classic wallet for us out of Shell Cordovan horse leather, a world-renowned product of the Chicago tanners Horween. It’s a practically indestructible wallet for paper money only with additional credit card compartments – but with no coin compartment. The wallet has been cleverly designed to be made out of only two cuts of leather, and has only one single layer of stitching. In particular there’s no stitching at the corners that normally bear the brunt of daily wear and tear – a wallet to last a lifetime.
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With a Precious Shimmer. Murano Glass Bracelet

Murano Glass Bracelet

The island of Murano in the Venetian lagoon is still a center of production for precious items of glass. The shimmering colored glass beads created there in the best tradition of Venetian craftsmanship are fastened with high quality clasps from a Pforzheim jewellery workshop. The beads garner their form, color and beauty by hand beneath the flame in a time consuming process. A raw bead separated from a glass rod is covered with a pure gold foil (for the colored beads) or, in an extremely elaborate process, a powder mixture containing copper is added for the so-called pastel colored beads.
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Sailor’s Blue. Women’s Breton Caban

Ladies’ Breton Caban Jacket

This jacket, produced in France exclusively for us using only natural materials, has all the qualities, functionality and style that made it the quintessential garment used by many of Europe’s navy and merchant fleets in the 19th century. This beautiful jacket is made in Quimper by the Breton company of Armor lux following their genuine standards of fabric and finish. The outer cloth is densely woven out of pure new wool and the lining is out of viscose over cotton in diamond shaped quilting.
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Hand Knitted. Eribé Fair Isle Sweater

Eribé Fair Isle Hand Knitted Sweater

Pure new wool, spun by Hinchcliffe in England to a yarn with a fineness of Nm 17/2, is the material Eribé’s experienced knitters from Scotland use to hand knit these women’s sweaters. The beautiful quality knits display both on the shoulder area and on the cuffs a colorful Fair Isle pattern. The neckband, sleeves and waistband are all in 1/1 rib knit.
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Soft, Pretty, and Sturdy. Ladies’ Buckskin Leather Bag

Ladies' small buckskin leather Bag

We present here a ladies’ bag made of vegetable tanned buckskin nappa leather. Buckskin is softer and lighter than cowhide, and also tears less easily. Our bags are made of large leather pieces, of which only the outside grained surface is used. The natural look and also the feel of the leather is preserved on all surfaces. Inside the bags are lined with light-colored pigskin. The carrier strap is made of black cowhide and the attachment and adjuster rings as well as the zip-fastener are of metal.
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The Original. Schladming Milled Mittens

Schladminger Milled Mittens

These mittens – whose original name comes from the famous Schladming Loden produced in Austria’s Tauern, has become a generic name that is used by a multitude of inferior quality skiing mittens. These on the other hand are the real thing: they’re made in Schladming from the wool of the local mountain sheep, are produced using hand-knitting machines and then milled into a water- and snow-proof loden cloth. The milling is then compressed exactly into the different sizes – not ‘one size fits all’ here! The facing on the palms is vegetable tanned goatskin leather by Austrian specialist Eska.

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Pure New Wool. Men’s Schladming Loden Jacket

Men‘s Schladming Loden Jacket

Near Schladming at the foot of the Dachstein Massif, where the Steiner family founded a "Lodenwalke" (mill) in the 1880s – that is where the Schladming Loden is produced. The wool comes from Tyrolean mountain sheep, which Steiner purchases directly from local farmers. It is spun on ring spinning machines into tear-resistant wool yarn. The yarn is then woven into a sturdy fabric. "Walken" is the fulling process – the heart of the Loden manufacture, in which the woolen cloth is made denser and more compact – and takes place on a historic hammer fulling machine.
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Three in One. Ladies‘ Red Tan Leather Bag

Ladies’ Red-tan Leather Bag

Use it as a roomy ‘all-purpose’ bag. Or – with the help of the two smart handles – as a compact and elegant handbag with the side flaps folded down. Worn over the shoulder, the bag shows its third form, with the help of a comfortable leather strap which then ensures that the hands remain free. Whether as a purse, small travel bag for shopping or for the office (a standard folder will fit inside) – this bag will get the job done. It comes from the Sonnenleder tannery in Bodman-Ludwigshafen, a small town on Lake Constance.
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Typically French. Fleur-de-Lys Drinking Glass

La Rochère Fleur-de-Lys Drinking Glass with Stem

From the oldest French glassworks still in operation in the East of the country: machine produced drinking glasses, one with a discrete fleur-de-lys ornament, and one without decoration. Their weight makes these glasses very stable – and with their simple design they suit every Christmas dinner table. The thickness of the glass, by the way, has another advantage: cold drinks stay cold longer, while the outside surface of the glass doesn’t warm up so quickly and feels comfortable in the hand.

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For Life-long Use. Leather and Binding Cloth Notebook

Leather and Binding Cloth Notebook

These notebooks show how much functional surplus value the aesthetic approach of a designer can create. The design goal was to show the stitch-free, raw-edged workmanship of ox neck leather, in which – because of its 3mm thickness – the usual inner book cannot be bound. The solution was and insert fastened to a leather binding with rivets and eyelets. Now the inner book can be inserted and then removed when it is full – to be replaced with a fresh one and archived. The result is a notebook made of luxurious material with a restrained design, a fantastic haptic, at a price which is more than amortized by life-long use.
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Camel Hair and Silk. Gentlemen’s Reversible Scarf

Laco Camel-hair and Silk Gentlemen’s Reversible Scarf

Quite an exciting combination – fine, light-weight camel-hair and medium weight silk. The silk is pre-softened by washing and steaming and has an understated geometrical pattern of orange dots surrounded by a natural camel shade, all done by hand. The reverse side of the scarf is of camel-hair with a choice of two shades: camel (naturally!), or black. Both materials are twill-woven, allowing the scarf to be easily tied with a snug fit round the neck.
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Very Traditional. Tre Spade Coffee Grinder

Tre Spade Coffee Grinder

Enjoy the aroma of fresh coffee as you grind the beans using the flywheel. Connoisseurs agree that freshly ground coffee tastes so much better if it is ground manually, not electronically. This beautiful old Italian device transforms an unpopular chore into a pleasure. It is also extremely attractive: the body, flywheel and cogs are cast iron, the mill forged steel, and the crank handle and base are beech. The mill can be adjusted from fine, for espresso, to coarse, for filter coffee.
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For Festive Dinner Preparations. Riess Enamel Roasting Pan

Riess Roasting Pan Iron Enamel

This enamel roasting pan is equipped with the dimensions that enable you to roast a small goose or even a small turkey inside it. The corrugated cover functions so that condensed water collects inside during the roasting process and drips over the roasted food, meaning that you do not have to refill water or other liquids like broth or the like. The enameled iron roasting pan is manufactured in Austria.
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In Festive Red. Swedish Table Linen

Swedish Red Table Linen

This red table linen has a long tradition – the typical Scandinavian star pattern with Christmas motif is probably more than 200 years old. The high-contrast jacquard pattern is created by the combination of undyed linen thread in the weft and bright red cotton warp yarn. Ekelund, one of the oldest mills in Scandinavia, has used this pattern for decades. In 1859, the great-great grandfather of the current owner established the first jacquards in Sweden. The quality of goods made by Ekelund at the time convinced even the Swedish royal family – and the company has since become a supplier to the royal court.
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