The Tangente. A Modern Classic from Saxony

Nomos Tangente Gentlemen’s Watch

The Tangente is a Nomos design that caused a sensation as soon as the watch appeared 20 years ago – especially its looks: for example the slim case and the minimalistic watch face, both of which are inspired by Glashütte designs from the 1920s’. We offer this watch in a steel-backed version with a black Cordovan leather strap; without date indicator. Each watch has its own engraved serial number and the Greek ‘alpha’ letter specifying that it is manually wound and without the date indicator.

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Protective Clothing. Sheepskin Jacket

Sheepskin Jacket

SSheepskin jackets became popular in the early days of ‘motoring’ – a period when the car was more like an open coach, and when the first aeroplane pilots flew in open cockpits. One needed protective clothing against the elements, and this was the ways sheepskin jackets found their way behind steering-wheel or joystick. The material, with its soft fleece and a hair length of remarkable 15 mm, keeps you really warm in sub-zero temperatures and icy winds. The tough outside skin defies rain, snow, and hail.
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For the School Bag. Leather Writing Case

Leather Writing Case Without Contents

In addition to their very practical aspects, what characterizes the products from Sonnenleder is that with age they become more interesting and individual. The company with headquarters on Lake Constance uses traditional methods to process vegetable tanned leather from southern German cattle. The design is no-nonsense and to the point, as our useful writing case – here: without contents – displays. When not dyed, Sonnenleder leather has a characteristic light brown reddish color (which is why it is called “red tanned”).

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For Your Sunday Roast. Invicta Oval Casserole

Invicta Oval Casserole

Invicta pots from the French cast iron manufacturer are protected with enamel. The casseroles (‘mijoteuses’) are translucently enameled, and they are so attractive that they make perfect oven-to-tableware. Our casseroles come with condensation lids – for quality and flavor of the food. Steam rising in the dishes is cooled with cold water or a few ice cubes in the lid. The steam condenses and consequently drips back into the pot; the meat remains moister and vegetables tender.
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Truly English. Women’s Eysian Duffle Coat.

Ladies' Elysian Duffle Coat

What makes this coat special is its fabric: Elysian, with its extra layer of weft threads, creates an extra shield that is water and snow resistant. Its herringbone structure reduces the surface tension, making this full weight yarn soft, warm and cozy. This unusual combination of qualities makes this coat easy to wear, very attractive and ideal for wintery weather. It comes from Mallalieu’s of Delph, a Yorkshire weaving mill that enjoys an exceptional reputation for the quality of its tweeds and heavy woolen yarns.
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Preparing for Advent Season. An Unusual Calendar

Magnetic trim

Originally a German tradition from the 19th century, advent calendars today have found their way into many a household across borders. Our version is unlike any other – it is not limited to the 24 days before Christmas Eve, and it may hold more than your usual chocolates. The solid magnetic sheet from our office range functions as a basis for the calendar. It is made of crude steel directly from the rolling mill, 2 mm thick – and subsequently magnetized. Complement it with your choice of magnets from our range and add all the presents you like. Below you’ll find a few ideas for wrapping papers, ribbons, magnets and calendar contents..
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Protective Garment. EtaProof® Gentlemen’s Parka

EtaProof® Gentlemen’s Parka

EtaProof® is the trade name for the renowned, densely woven cotton canvas cloth from Stotz of Zurich. It’s water-resistant and rain-proof, yet breathable. The cotton comes from organically controlled plantations. Based on the same protective principle as the silk for umbrellas, it’ll keep you dry in all ordinary rain short of monsoon conditions. The cloth, which has been only gently and naturally impregnated, is so densely woven that the fibres swell up on contact with waterm allowing rain-drops simply to drip off.
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At Your Service. Big Desk Organizer

Big Desk Organizer

Many of the components of our Big Desk Organizer are necessarily humble and unspectacular – a card index box, a visiting card box, a letter tray for example. The heart of our Organizer is however quite impressive; 27 x 55.5 cm in size it is a container put together on the unit construction principle and holds about anything the busy desk worker needs. The exact needs may of course vary from office to office – but our well-thought-out organizer is up to all the demands that may be made of it with its great variety of boxes and compartments.

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Pure New Wool. Black Sheep Aran Pullover

Black Sheep Aran Pullover

This crew neck sweater’s “scent” has no words to describe it. It comes from the lanolin: the ‘wool-wax’ that was used in ancient times for medicinal purposes – the natural oil of the wool, which is left unbleached and non-dyed for this pullover. The Raglan sleeves serve a double function: they make the pullover more pleasant to wear, and at the same time serve to enhance the traditional Aran Isle pattern that runs down the sleeve from neck to cuff. The seams are in 1/1 rib-knit and offer a perfect tailored fit.
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Everything in Best Order. Cardboard File Holders

20 Compartment Cardboard File Holder

These file holders help rein in renegade sheets of paper. To do that they feature an „entrance compartment“, followed by seven day compartments for each day of the week and a file with three flaps for loose sheets of paper, you can call it the procrastination file, to absorb all unfinished business from the week gone by. The inside cover is equipped with another flap for loose notes.
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Sweeps Clean. Manufactum Goat Hair Dusting Broom

Manufactum goatshair dusting broom

This is a household broom with the old-fashioned ‘Zeppelin’ shape, a head so slim that it can brush out the tightest of corners. The fine, dense goatshair bristle is able to gather an enormous amount of dust, making it especially suitable for dry-brushing wooden, tiled or linoleum floors – where it can do a better job than a vacuum-cleaner. With brass-plated thread to fit our screw-on handles.
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French Tradition. Ceramic Latte Bowl

Ceramic Latte Bowl

An earthenware manufacturer from Lothringen going back 250 years produces this coffee bowl. It’s a testimony to their tenacity that they have been able to hold on, with not more than a dozen employees left from 120. The porcelain painters mix the glaze and spray it on the bowls by hand, relying entirely on their sense of proportion. They lay on templates loosely in order to generate a discrete indistinctness in the application of the glaze.
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A True Carrier. Leather Shopping Bag

Sonnenleder Leather Shopping Bag

This leather comes from the Allgäu and is vegetable tanned. What makes this bag so special is that the material is neither pressed, lacquered, nor coated with plastics - it is merely oiled and fulled. As a result the leather gradually acquires a unique patina when exposed to the sun and humidity. Initially, discolouration - caused, for example, by rain drops - can be smoothed over with a damp cloth until the patina develops. The zip is made of brass, the parts are bonded with a water-based latex.
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Outdoors or Indoors. Solid Aluminum

Small Aluminium Wall Lamp

It is heavy enough and quite robust – with its protective cage this lamp is modeled on similar types which were originally designed to brighten up ships’ quarters and other damp rooms, let’s say around a harbour. Nowadays we recommend you mount it near your doorstep or as a basement or cellar light. The aluminum light may be used as wall or ceiling light, just as it suits you.

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Comfortable Garment. Ladies' Horse Hide Leather Jacket

Ladies‘ Horse-Hide Leather Roadster Jacket

For this leather jacket we use exclusively European cow-hide from ‘happy cows’ – that is, animals that led normal lives and were not specially reared to produce leather. The leather-making process consists, firstly, of mineral tanning, then aniline drum dyeing, followed by natural greasing. This careful process means that the leather is deep dyed, and not e.g. brush-dyed or treated with any other surface process that conceals the natural look and feel of the material. The grain is in fact not subjected to any kind of smoothing or polishing process – the true sign of real nappa leather.
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Swiss Perfection. Felco No. 12 Rolling Handle Secateurs

Felco NO 12 Rolling Handle Sec

For a good 40 years now, Felco secateurs have been used in professional gardening circles and are renowned for their cutting qualities and sound workmanship. Rotating-handle secateurs make gardening a lot easier. The lower handle which lies on the fingers during cutting-rolls with the hand as it opens and closes.
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