Tough But Soft, With a Cloth-Like Feel. The Haversack Handbag

Haversack Bag

The two compartment haversack form has been around since the start of the twentieth century. When full, the bag is carried with a button-up shoulder strap and when empty it can be carried on your belt. It’s made out of elk leather, which is famous for being tough and weather resistant, but also soft and smooth, with a cloth-like feel. The light and robust bag also makes a good handbag.Elk Leather Haversack Bag

Comfortable Shoes. Haflinger Felt Slipper

Haflinger Wool Felt Slipper

The art of making felt from wool is at least 7,000 years old, yet real felt is rarely found today. Cheap imitations are everywhere, however – mostly by-products of polyacryl and other plastics. Real milled felt is made of cow's and sheep's wool, and nothing else; wool felt is made of pure wool. Real felt footwear acts like air conditioning – your foot stays cool when it's hot outside, and warm when it's cold. In short, the ideal slipper – particularly if the slipper is so well made as the one we offer here.
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Writes Well, Works Well, Fits Every Pocket. Copper Fountain Pen

Copper Pocket Fountain Pen

Writes well, works all the time, and is also available in machined aluminum, solid stainless steel, copper or brass. With the exception of the feather light aluminum model, it sits so solidly in the hand that it’s just nice to hold, with nothing to write. The ink-feed system will not run or leak in your pocket or in the pressurized cabin of an airplane. Thanks to its practical size, it can be tucked into the pants pocket.
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A Parka and Jacket In One. Men‘s EtaProof® Parka

Men‘s Parka EtaProof®

EtaProof® is the trade name for the renowned, densely woven cotton canvas cloth from Stotz of Zurich. It's water-resistant and rain-proof, yet breathable. The cotton comes from organically controlled plantations. Based on the same protective principle as the silk for umbrellas, it'll keep you dry in all ordinary rain short of monsoon conditions. The cloth, which has been only gently and naturally impregnated, is so densely woven that the fibres swell up on contact with waterm allowing rain-drops simply to drip off.
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Drying and Storing Firewood. With a Self-Stretching Tarpaulin

Self-Stretching Tarpaulin

Long rows of cord-wood awaiting splitting can be protected from wind and weather under this sturdy cover. The wood will dry out nicely as the air blows through. A special feature: the tarpaulin cover is attached not to the ground, but to the wood itself by means of the sprung claws. When the wood-pile begins to settle as part of the drying process, the cover responds and stays firm and flat on top of it.
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A Glasses Case Made of Cowhide

Cowhide Leather Glasses Case

The protection and stability of this glasses case and purse is due to the strength of the leather used and the wet mold procedure: the wet pieces of leather are formed by mounting them manually over a hot metal mandrel. In spite of the relative firmness of the leather, it remains flexible, can withstand pressure and is shock- resistant.
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More Economical Than an Electric. A Merkur Double-Edged Shaver

Merkur Futur Safety Razor

The Solingen company is specialized in the manufacture of safety razors with double edged blades. Easier and safer to use than a straight edge razor, they are also sharper and when factoring in the costs of blades, are more economical than (electric) razors with floating heads.
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Capacious Companion. The Sonnenleder purse

Women‘s Red-Tanned Sonnenleder Purse

Sonnenleder manufacturers this purse exclusively for Manufactum. The simple design and wide, spacious format – with the clever compartments for all those indispensables – make it a trusty companion. The large zippered pocket is divided in two, one side for bank notes, the other for coins in the leather lined side. Thanks to the main perimeter zipper the purse opens wide, for a quick glimpse inside. There are 14 integrated slots for credit and other cards. An additional compartment inside and two tuck-in pockets on the front and back side of the purse will accommodate receipts and other important pieces of paper.
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Thoroughly English footwear. The Chelsea boot for women

Ladies’ Chelsea Boot

There are many variations of the Chelsea boot, an over the ankle with boot with rubber inserts in the sides which gives the boots their comfortable flexibility, even after walking or standing in them for hours. That and the smart termination at the ankle have long established this type of shoe as a classic. The Chelsea, this thoroughly English footwear, was invented in the 1830’s by J. S. Hall, bootmaker to the queen. It received fab status in the 1960s when the Beatles wore them, with a pointed toe and curved heels.
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Felco Nr. 12. Revolving Handle Garden Shears

Felco NO 12 Rolling Handle Sec

The shears are held firmly by the ball of the thumb, while the rest of the hand takes care of cutting by opening and closing. Which reduces friction with the skin, and represents a gain of strength of approximately 30 percent. Made in Switzerland. Cuts branches up to 2 cm Ø. With a wire cutter and sap groove and precision cutting adjustment (with a wrench). All parts are replaceable and available from us.
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Less is more. Italian ceramic lamps

Rectangular Wall Lamp

The linear form of this ceramic lamp from Italy is utterly unpretentious. It can be mounted in living rooms, hallways and stairwells, where it will give off a glare-free indirect illumination. Depending on the model, the opening is on the side, the bottom or the top, guaranteeing the right solution for different situations.
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A self-basting broiler. From Riess in Lower Austria

Riess Roasting Pan Iron Enamel

This enamel roasting pan is equipped with the dimensions that enable you to roast a small goose or even a small turkey inside it. The corrugated cover functions so that condensed water collects inside during the roasting process and drips over the roasted food, meaning that you do not have to refill water or other liquids like broth or the like.
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Organizing your notes. ATOMA

Blank Atoma A5 Notebook

The famous Belgian ATOMA notebook system consists entirely of runaway rings and flightly pages, whereby the rings prevent the pages from flying off and the pages prevent the rings from running away – at any rate, thanks to a patented special perforation the pages can always be easily separated from each other. So you can add, rearrange or combine the various forms and your notes any time you want (or need) to – even from your own notebooks. The ATOMA system also includes a special hole puncher and a variety of clear plastic folders.
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Casual Elegance. Hiltl Men's Moleskin Chino

Hiltl Men’s Chino Moleskin

Unbelievably soft – almost with a velvety feel – and still extremely robust and durable, this strong material is made of pure cotton: Moleskin, the “English Leather,” woven with strong warp yarns and high weft density. In numerous work stages the finished fabric is sanded and coarsened, so that it obtains the typical, inimitable softness and resistance unique to it. Our Moleskin is woven in Italy, at Bonomi in Gallerate – cotton weaver since 1860. From it come classic men's trousers, with straight legs and lateral welt pockets. A watch pocket is positioned under the collar, and the back pockets can be closed with real horn buttons.
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Made for Walking. Red Wing Chelsea Rancher

Red Wing Chelsea Rancher

These are boots to last a lifetime – the longer you wear them, the more you'll like them and the better they'll look. American ranchers always appreciated their hardwearing qualities and used them for work and also for riding. Like all Red Wing footwear, the Chelsea Rancher is made of full-grain leather, oil-tanned and later treated with a special mixture of various waxes and oils. The shoe needs to be given two or three outings before it begins to adapt to your personal foot-shape and to acquire 'give'. But – once broken in, you'll find it unbeatable for support and comfort.
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A Chef's Utensil. Heavy Copper Pot

Heavy Copper Pot

We offer here a series of classic copper utensils which contrast sharply with the common practice nowadays of using stainless steel or aluminium with a thin coating of copper. On the contrary: the only thin layer of metal used in our pots is the lining – the cooking surface – which is of 0.2-mm-thick stainless steel on top of a good 2.3 mm of copper. The secret is a new, patented process that replaces traditional forging. It has been introduced by Falk in Belgium. In this process the two layers of metal are anchored under pressure to form what is known as a ‘bimetal’ – the final result being stainless steel ‘plated’ copper pots. Professionals are great fans of Falk products – and not only for their superb heat-conducting properties.
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