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From our Selection Mühle Sport Gentlemen’s Watch Pelikan Fountain Pen M150 Cuboro Basic Building Block Set Sensoboard Trainer Bark Tanned Leather Shopping Bag

Sensoboard Trainer

Sensoboard Trainer

The Sensoboard has been shown to be an ideal training method. Standing upright on it requires active compensatory muscle effort encouraged by the board, which gives the impression of a shifting base. The board is equipped with a non-slip covering, and stands on a football which in principle should force the foot-board to tip over as soon as pressure is applied: however, this is prevented by rubber bands that do their best to return the board to its original position.
Sensoboard Trainer

Bark Tanned Leather Shopping Bag

Bark Tanned Leather Shopping B

This leather comes from the Allgäu and is vegetable tanned. What makes this bag so special is that the material is neither pressed, lacquered, nor coated with plastics – it is merely oiled and fulled. As a result the leather gradually acquires a unique patina when exposed to the sun and humidity. Initially, discolouration – caused, for example, by rain drops – can be smoothed over with a damp cloth until the patina develops.
Bark Tanned Leather Shopping Bag

Ladies’ Naval Loden Overcoat

Ladies’ Naval Loden Overcoat

This coat is made specially of Italian loden to combine warmth and comfort with wind- and weather-resistant qualities. The military look – three-button double-breasted front and distinctive lapels – is no accident. Intended for the Italian navy, the manufacturers have been kind enough to set aside a strictly limited number for us. Loden cloth is made by repeated fulling of the wool yarn in soap and water to give it its characteristic density and nap.
Ladies’ Naval Loden Overcoat

Pelikan Fountain Pen M150

Pelikan Fountain Pen M150, M

Everyday writing instruments are often subject to fashion. Manufacturers tend to take advantage of this and produce new designs with alarming regularity. This speaks volumes for pens which can rise above this and still be on the market after decades – as for example the Pelikan fountain pen M150. It has been on the market since 1975 and comes with the tried and tested Pelikan pump and a hand-made nip. The German company of Pelikan was founded in the city of Hanover in 1838 and has been a reliable source of pens and ink and water-colours for generations of pupils, teachers, and others.
Pelikan Fountain Pen M150



Mühle Sport Gentlemen’s Watch

You can still get the Sport Automatic Watch from us in its original finish – with the date window at a quarter past. The raised sapphire crystal fits closely on to the bezel. The lozenge-shaped hands are of polished steel and – like the digits – have been coated with a green luminous point. The second hand has been given a luminous dot. The movement is the renowned ETA automatic calibre, and has been slightly modified and regulated in five positions by Mühle to give noticeably improved accuracy.

Cuboro Basic Building Block Set

Cuboro Basic Building Block Set

The ball rolls and rolls, rolls into long channels, disappears in a tunnel, continues, concealed, on its way and finally appears from its hideout in a completely different place. The route taken by the ball depends entirely on the designer of the marble track - which may include children over the age of 4, who continue to discover new labyrinths even with simple constructions.
This building block system from Cuboro encourages children’s mathematical and geometrical imagination through play; for ingenious tinkerers, this becomes a mental challenge when the additional building block sets are brought into play.
Cuboro Basic Building Block Set

A New Shine. Christmas Decorations

Nickel Plated Brass Candle Pendant Holder

The “white tree” had long been a decorating tradition in Germany, reminiscent of “ice and snow and fire” and embracing both the old pagan and Christian symbols of light in the winter. Our glass Christmas tree decorations – Lauscha glass baubles and figurines – are part of this tradition.
A New Shine. Christmas Decorations

Mathiesen OM8

Since 1962 the Copenhagen watchmaker Ole Mathiesen has been crafting watches whose clean-cut appearance has long been held up as a peerless example of superb Danish design. Indeed, one of its exclusive outlets is the shop attached to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. We now offer the OM8 watch, which Mathiesen – who for a while only used quartz for this model – has now equipped with a hand-wind mechanism specially designed for us

Kösen Polar Bear

Genuine stuffed animals made in Bad Kösen are collector’s items; but what they are actually made for is life in a nursery. Up to 100 parts are necessary to make a Kösen animal with securely fastened safety eyes and a stuffing of non-flammable silicone hollow fibre. Unlike many other manufacturers, who mostly use materials made in Asia, they stick to plush that was weaved in Germany, Belgium and France. It has a firmer quality and can thus be sewn more tightly – ultimately the reason for the animals’ durability.

Brandt Suede Reindeer Leather Jacket

There’s no risk of this jacket ever going into mass production! It’s made in central Finland from raw materials whose stock is (by nature!) severely limited – not to mention the superlative finish that one associates with all Finnish garments. The reindeer suede that we use comes from the Ahlskog tannery, established 1920 and in fact the oldest Finnish leather manufacturers, using the traditional vegetable tanning method.


Ladies’ Knitted Camelhair Cardigan

Ladies’ Knitted Camelhair Cardigan

This hip-length fine-knitted jacket is of dense (Nm 17/2) 2-ply camelhair yarn. It’s round-necked and has 9-cm wide, stretch arm- and waist-bands in 2/2 ribknit. Both collar and button front have been given neat narrow bands, and the button front has a backing tape in a discreet shade: in addition it has an unusually high number of buttons (mother-of-pearl) to make sure it lies smoothly.
Ladies’ Knitted Camelhair Cardigan

Silver Tip Buffalo Horn Shaving Brush

Silver Tip Buffalo Horn Shaving Brush

Real badger hair is the benchmark for shaving brushes. Its ultimate feature includes the fine silver tip badger hair, which is significantly finer than normal badger hair and provides, with the fine-pored creamy foam, a gentle shave for the skin. Through proper handling and maintenance, the badger hair bristles can remain in use for a good 10 years. Lasting nearly forever, the shaving brush’s horn handle is derived from the horns of Argentinean buffalo and manufactured in Sachsen. The grip is hand sanded and polished.
Silver Tip Buffalo Horn Shaving Brush

Fits in any Pocket. Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

Stainless Steel Pocket Fountain Pen

A solid, relatively heavy pen; with a fine nib it’s perfect for making quick, accurate entries in calendars or notebooks. The pen is of polished stainless steel, with a stainless steel nib. The srew cap extends the shaft when writing – even though it fits in any pocket, the pen is comfortable to use. With its length – 11 cm only when closed! – it can be an ideal travel companion.
Fits in any Pocket.
Stainless Steel Pocket Fountain Pen

From Minnesota. The Red Wing ‘Frankfurt’ Shoe

The name 'Frankfurt' isn't an accident. It indeed refers to the busy city on the Main, where it's been established for years as 'the' shoe made by Red Wing. It's the perfect footwear for professional people who have to spend long hours out of doors. It looks as good as new after 20 years – but the best part is what you can't see from above, namely the 'supersole'. It's petrol-, chemical- and heat-resistant; it's wonderfully shock-absorbent (helped by the soft Poron insole) and 'holds the road' well thanks to its aerated rubber. Everything's been done to ensure foot comfort. Originally of tough red leather, our more recent model is in stylish, big-city black.

From Neuchâtel. Swiss Pocket Watch 1952

Neither a revival of an old model nor a piece of homage to the good old days, this watch will not only attract admiring glances but will serve your work-day needs for many decades. We mean ’work-day’ literally: this watch has been the number one choice for Finnish lumberjacks since 1952 – since when its features have been continuously improved. It’s exceptionally robust: the casing for example is of hardened stainless steel, not of soft precious metal. It’s has a hand-wind Unitas 6497-1 mechanism and is equipped with Incabloc® shockproofing . It’s pressure resistant up to 3 bar, a value normally reserved for wrist watches. Its single hand, like the hour and minute hands, is of polished rhodium.

Detaille Perfumery. Eau de Toilette ‘Escrimeur’

Eau de Toilette Escrimeur

In 1905, a small perfumery was founded in Paris. Since then, the name Detaille has become famous and is now held in high esteem in royal families as well as in the world of couture. The ‘Escrimeur’ eau de toilette comes with accents of lemon, bergamot and orange, an aromatic hint of rosemary and lavender and a sophisticated base note with accents of vetiver, cedar and sandal wood. It is discretely spiced with cardamom and a trace of musk.
Eau de Toilette Escrimeur

Fit for Winter. Warming Accessories

Extra warm socks and stockings, gloves, mittens and also scarves make winter bearable – and they add colour to a grey and rainy winter day, like our bright and colourful Fair Isle accessories. Knitted from two-ply Scottish lambswool yarns these are really fit to keep you warm. Thick and soft and warming are our socks and stockings knitted from camel hair or pure new wool.
From the Masters of Their Craft. Gloves, Mittens, Scarves, Socks

Christmas Traditions. Hand-made Candles

Our Christmas candles are hand-made from pure unadulterated beeswax. They either come in natural colours or are deep-dyed red – red being a classic Christmas colour. All candles are handcrafted especially for us in handicapped persons’ workshops in Bavaria and in Westphalia. We recommend the smaller red ones for your Christmas tree – as an atmospheric replacement for the usual modern-day electric ‘fairy lights’. Christmas Traditions. Hand-made Candles

Suitable for Holiday Travels. Linen and Leather Bags

The market leaders – you can see them in any airport – come in various combinations of nylon, polyester and other synthetic materials. Ours are quite different! Apart from being more sturdy and being made of natural materials, our travelling bags have the great virtue of looking really good: plus, they’ll look even more exclusive with use. The outside is made of dense, closely woven pure cloth canvas: undyed, and neither coated nor proofed, in other words, natural. The inside provides enough room for everything you might need on a holiday visit to the family.


Quite a Rarity. Baby Alpaca Scarves

Strong, fine alpaca wool with its special soft glow has ‘hollow’ fibres, as they are called, which adapt to great ranges of temperature: after all, the wool comes from animals that live in the desert and mountain regions of South America! The baby alpaca we use is a particularly fine micron 19-23 wool and comes mostly from the first shearing – quite a rarity. The result is both light and warm – and incredibly soft. We’ve had two scarves made of this on hand-looms giving a nice woven edge and natural fringe.
Although the scarves are two-toned, they appear to have three, thanks to the special weaving process employed to give more variety.


24-piece Chambly ‘Baguette’ table cutlery set

24-piece Chambly ‘Baguette’ table cutlery set

There’s cutlery and cutlery – just knives, forks and spoons, or – and this is what we offer – minor masterpieces of engineering. For example: a nice feeling of balance is always important. Another example: knife-blades - these should be slightly pliant, never rigid. Knives themselves should never be made of one piece (monoblock) but always of two parts, handle and blade. Plus, a good knife is never heavy, which can only be achieved with a ‘hollow-handled’ knife, in which the rear end of the blade is carefully fitted into a handle made of two separate parts, upper and lower. 24-piece Chambly ‘Baguette’ table cutlery set


Modernised Coffee Maker. Giannina

Giannina Induction Espresso Maker

We’ve had in in our range for years – the “Giannina” espresso maker, which the company, founded by Carlo Giannini in Cellatica on the southern edge of the Alps, has been producing for more than 40 years. Now, the model is equipped with a base suitable for an induction stove. Beyond that, the caffettiera has hardly changed its external shape; form and material have remained the same (polished stainless steel instead of aluminum). The handle, cast with stainless steel and functioning simultaneously as a locking brace, is larger and therefore easier to grip than before. Giannina Induction Espresso Maker


A Balancing-Act. ‘Slackline‘ Stretch Belt

Climbers confined by bad weather conditions to base camp in the Yosemite National Park, California (the legendary ‘Camp 4’) started to look for a sensible way of passing the time till the next ascent. Balancing practice seemed a good idea, and people tried this out on the ropes and belts in their climbing kit stretched out between trees or posts. In the 1980s someone came up with the more professional idea of the purpose-made 'slackline': a special belt that could be stretched to a variety of different tensions by means of a ratchet.


Classic Model. Leather Briefcase to Defy Wear and Tear

Manufactum Leather Briefcase

The leather we use is of hide cut from the neck – the sturdiest part that the animal needs in order to cope with continual movement and daily strain, and which in turn ensures that the neck hide has a particularly robust texture. Our specialist Westphalian manufacturer uses vegetable-tanned leather from French cows to make these briefcases based on classic models from the 1930s to 1960s. They have two outside front pockets and an adjustable all-round belt. The leather’s deep brown colour comes from the cask-dye process using special fats to keep the surface grain ‘open’ and clearly visible. Manufactum Leather Briefcase


Ceremonial. Japanese Arare Teapot

Japanese Arare Teapot

The town of Morioka is closely associated with the traditional production of cast-iron kettles and is also home to Iwachu, a family business of some 90 years now. The kettles are made using an ancient sand casting process. The finished products are sand-blasted and polished by hand.
This teapot is an unusual addition to any table - but that is not all. As it is made from cast iron, this teapot can also be used directly for boiling water and, by leaving it on the stove, it can also be used to keep tea warm. Initially, this takes a little bit of getting used to: fill the teapot only two thirds full of water.
Japanese Arare Teapot

French Quality. Bonnat Full Milk Chocolate

Bonnat Full Milk Chocolate

The Bonnat firm was founded in 1884. Today it still maintains personal contact to the cocoa farmers that supply the beans and imports them directly, avoiding middlemen. No outsourcers either: the whole production is in-house under one roof. Bonnat don't mix cocoa beans from different regions, preferring to preserve the typical character and flavour of each type of bean. Only the best ingredients are used – cocoa that's been slowly and carefully 'conched', cocoa butter and sugar, with light-coloured Indonesian beans for milk chocolate and with additional powdered milk for full milk chocolate.
Bonnat Full Milk Chocolate

International Coproduction. Graef Hand Slicer

Graef Hand Slicer

This famous traditional model has been in recent years really hard to get – the makers offering a variety of excuses, the usual one being that the machine tools used in their manufacture were too expensive to replace. But – we got Graef to repair the machine tools, and the hand-operated slicer with its 190 knife came back into production. Today, the machinery is still there, but has (for the usual reason: cost) been relocated from Germany to China. At any rate the heart of the ‘big Graef’ – its big, serrated knife –is still made in Solingen, Germany, and the slicer itself is assembled in Germany, too. Graef Hand Slicer

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