Virtually Indestructible. Manufactum Sports Bag

67688 Manufactum Sports Bag

A sound mind in a sound body – any physically active person will be quick to affirm this. But why should only your body be fit and robust, and not the bag where you store your equipment? Shying away from bags mostly made of synthetic materials, we have developed a sports bag that does not favour pretenses over the essential, but rather one that is functional and extremely hard-wearing. The bag’s bottom and welt stitching are made of vegetable-tanned cowhide, its body is made of strong cotton “German leather”.
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Comfortable and Light. Berkemann Nubuck Clogs

Berkemann Nubuck Clogs

Their wooden soles are made of light, yet sturdy poplar, while the leather uppers – unlike ordinary clogs – are first nailed, then screwed on to the wood by hand, not just machine-tacked on. A special feature is the Berkemann patent 'foot bed', the modelled inner sole that makes walking in these clogs so comfortable. Uppers and lining are both low chromium barrel tanned. Both leather and wood come from Italy and the clogs have been hand-made in Hungary.
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Exceptionally Fine – and Durable. Hiltl Men’s Chino Supima®

Hiltl Men’s Chino Supima®

Supima® is synonymous with the highest quality, finest and extra long staple quality Pima cotton worldwide. Bonomi in Italy weaves it into fabric for us, and men’s tailor Hiltl in Bavaria then produces these trousers – without pleats but with a classic chino cut. The material from warp ply yarn (fineness Nm 30) and weft thread (fineness Nm 20) shows a granular structure and is extremely durable despite its exceptional fineness. All buttons are of real horn. The trousers are tailored with two side pockets, one small watch pocket and one buttoned back pocket.
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Modest, but Effective. Anti-slug Copper Rings

Anti-slug Copper Rings

Some say that slugs and snails get an electric shock when they touch copper. This may or may not be true: but one thing has been proven, that copper, when it comes into contact with the creatures’ natural body slime, sets off an unpleasant reaction (due to oxidization) that deters them from trying to crawl over the copper strips. The rings don’t need any particular shape, only the material is important – pure copper plate, which is why these anti-slug rings come with a simple, precise form without any special profile.
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Professional’s Choice. Haws Long Reach Watering Can

Large 'Long Reach' Watering Can

This can has been specially designed for balance and ease of carrying. The opening at the top has extra-high sides to prevent water spillage. The 'trade-mark' long spout means that you can use it close to the ground without having to bend, where the water can be poured in a copious yet fine, gentle stream from the 360 (!) small jets set in the oval brass sprinkler head. Just behind this sits a useful sieve to prevent clogging of the head through e.g. small pieces of dirt in the water. Of galvanized sheet steel, powder-coated by hand.
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Barely Visible. Small Adjustable Wall Lamp

80064 Small Adjustable Wall Lamp

For flood-lighting wall or ceiling. This lamp is made of thin white powder-coated steel plate, with really clean finish. The light can be variably distributed between the upper and lower openings, according to taste. Quite elegant, the lamp itself is barely visible in front of a white wall. The lamp’s reduced form was created by famous German industrial designer Wilhelm Braun-Feldweg.
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Austrian Jacquard Weave. Leitner Patterned Bath Towel

Leitner Patterned Bath Towel

Genuine terry cloth is manufactured using a three-pick terry weaving arrangement (warp, weft and loop), which is more voluminous and absorbent than two-pick (warp and weft) terry due to its third thread. For these terry towels’ loop chain, Leitner in Austria used a mix of cotton and linen – giving the cloth a robust feeling and producing a slight massaging effect when drying off. The mottled background pattern is formed by the mixture of natural linen and dyed cotton. The vine pattern is the result of Leitner’s famous Jacquard weave
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Traditional Form. Bolich’s Metal Light

13370 Bolich's Metal Light

Bolich lights from Germany have once again become very popular with interior decorators and designers. The company of Bolich was founded in 1912 – and the historic wooden molds are still used today to press the lamp shades into their form. This metal light is not just for cellars. With its black powder-coated outside and white powder-coated inside it is as well suitable for your dining room, kitchen or living room. The aluminium reflector comes with a stove enamel finish and the hanger is produced with a porcelain pulley.
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Tells a Story. Pike Brothers Chopper Jeans

Pike Brothers 1936 Chopper Pants

Based on the original (wood) chopper jeans from 1936, these straight leg jeans feature reinforcement rivets, a button-up front, two large patch pockets with reinforced diagonal seams plus small coin pocket; they also have at the back patch pockets and a buckle- and-tab waist adjuster, plus a side carpenter‘s rule pocket and flat metal buttons on the waistband allowing them to be used with suspenders. As is the custom the jeans require some time to be worn in of course.
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Move It Around Your Garden. Steel Rod Fencing

76725 1 Metre Steel Rod Fencing

Movable, flexible, multi-purpose – this is our good-looking fence made of connected iron rods and incredibly easy to ‘put up’ – you just stick a section of the slim tubular rods (with pointed tips) about 20 to 30 cm into the ground. Nothing more. Each section has an end-rod. Use as many sections as you like for longer fences, and re-position whenever and wherever you wish – by hand. The iron rods are manufactured in a smithy in Belgium.
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For Pleasant Summer Days. Doppler Stainless Steel Sunshade

Doppler Stainless Steel Sun-Shade

This sunshade is specially designed for balconies and smaller terraces. Made by Doppler in Austria, it has stainless steel tubing and Paragon struts. It can be adjusted higher or lower using the telescopic stick method – that is, by twisting a knob on a connecting ring and so fixing the tubes at the desired height. A steel joint in the upper tube allows the shade to be tilted to an angle of up to 35 degrees. The canopy is made of weather-proof dyed polyester fabric that offers unusually good protection against ultraviolet rays and also shower-proof.
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Flowers in Abundance. Manufactum Tiered Plant-Pot Stand

Manufactum Tiered Plant-Pot Stand

However small your balcony or terrace: with our tiered plant-pot stand you have space for four or five flower-pots. Manufacture and design are based on a historic model that a collector found one day in a Belgian flea-market and handed on to us. The matt steel components, for example, are studded, not screwed together. Tiered plant-pot holders like this were also a common sight in the South of England round about the turn of the century , perhaps imported from Belgium.
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For Writers’ Tools. Manufactum Leather Pen Roll

Leather Pen Roll from Manufactum

We recommend this case, which resembles a surgeon’s tool roll, for one practical reason, namely because the soft, buff leather protects the sensitive surfaces of the writing implements, and on aesthetic grounds, namely the look of the handsome, cleanly stitched cow and buff tanned deerskin. Our pen roll comes with five pen pockets – two large ones for hefty pens up to 18 millimeters in diameter and three more slender ones – and a shell pouch fastener.
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A Sense of History. Nigel Cabourn and Armor lux

Nigel Cabourn - Armor Lux Men’s Knitted Shirt

English designer Nigel Cabourn, who has long been famous for his collections of clothing with a vintage twist, and Armor lux, the French clothes company inspired by Breton maritime tradition, have joined forces for these tops. Both have been suppliers for Manufactum for years now, and we’re proud to say it was our idea that they made a shirt or two for us. No wonder the result of this co-operation between Great Britain and Brittany are sailor shirts, manufactured in Quimper from a smooth cotton jersey – and with attention to historic details.
» English-French co-production

No Motor Needed. Manually Operated Lawn Mower

It comes from the American Lawn Mower Company that has been building lawn mowers for 100 years. As a manually operated mower it can do more than one imagines – with a weight of approximately 10 kilograms the mower works on all different lawn types and can even be used in meadows. It mows precisely, effortlessly, and quietly; for this, it is indebted to the excellent technology and workmanship with which it is built: seven hardened, sharp, and edge retaining blades on a ball bearing spindle mow a swathe of 38 millimetres.
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Traditional Style, Unusual Material. Bolich Large Copper Outdoor Lamp

Bolich Large Copper Outdoor Lamp

The Bolich outdoor lamps of black-coated aluminum are among the most popular of our range and we've been asked again and again by customers if we can't do them in copper. So we took the request on board and asked the manufacturer, Bolich in southern Germany, to make this one for us. In shape they of course resemble the aluminum model, but are made of strong copper plate instead – and the metal hasn't been coated, so the copper will over time build up a characteristically delightful patina. The lamps are – needless to say – made to be used out of doors.
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A Single Piece of Leather. Cowhide Leather Document Bag

Cowhide Leather Document Bag

The base for this document bag is natural, vegetable, barrel tanned saddle leather from South German cattle that proofs robust and resilient in daily use. Unlined and without subdivisions, the bag is made from a single piece of leather – only the side panels, out of soft nappa leather, are sewn on. The edges are neatly smoothed out and painted, cleaned and polished. The bag is suitable for regular DIN A4 documents, and a laptop with 13-inch monitor will also fit in.
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Bentwood. TON Swivel Armchair for the Office

TON Swivel Armchair for the Office

The furniture factory that makes this chair – in Bystrice, Czech Republic – was originally founded by the bentwood pioneer Michael Thonet in 1861, and has been producing the TON marque since the 1950s. We recommend this seating furniture to anyone who has to spend time sitting behind a desk, and who values style, comfort and a construction that allows simple adjustment of seat height without the modern confusion of levers and handles. With this model, based on a historic design of course, the height can be adjusted by simple swiveling by means of a spindle on which the seat is mounted.
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A Classic in Shape and Design. Italian Stainless Steel Kettle

Italian Stainless Steel Kettle

This kettle is made on Lago Maggiore and not at all light, which is due in part to a wall thickness of one millimeter, but also due to the multi-layers of stainless steel with an aluminium core. It has a very traditional form – and for a very good reason: it has, like any other kettle, to heat great quantities of water in a short period of time with the least energy. For that the shape must have the least surface area and the largest base, because the heat is conducted through the bottom of the kettle (instead of radiated by the surface).
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