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Sturdy and Indestructable. Red Wing Iron Ranger

Red Wing has been making work shoes since 1905 and for over 90 years nothing has changed in their material, look, process or finish. This boot, which is admirable for walking, is based on a mining shoe. It’s got an easy-going look and feel, without giving up anything in strength and toughness. Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger

Devold Men’s Long-Sleeve Mesh Shirt. Moisture transporting and supple

This warm and functional underwear is made of mesh and knit rib by the Norwegian traditional manufacturer, Devold. The rib knit provides strength and durability at stressed areas and the mesh prevents cold spots, allowing for a temperature regulating layer of air. The knit absorbs moisture while transporting it away from the skin.
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Carlos Santos Ladies’-Derby Shoes. Very smart, in two variants

These two models are made on the same last: one without a border and a narrow heel, in all black cow leather for a very elegant look, the other with a cow leather border and wider heel in dark blue perforated cow leather and dark brown suede, more sporty. Made in Portugal.
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An Insulated Teapot made in France. A true classic

It’s made of porcelain, with a light metal insert and a stainless steel cover lined with felt for effective insulation. We insisted on replacing the plastic knob with the original porcelain one, a feature which is only available from us.

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Sauna Towel with block stripes made of lyocell

The cellulose fiber is characterized by high stability and a very smooth, comfortable surface, with an outstanding ability to absorb moisture. The structure “inhales” the moisture inside the fiber, transporting it quickly outside to the ambient air, The linen yarn component of the towel provides robustness and a soft feel. Made in Finland by Lapuan Kankurit.
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Maglia Umbrellas. What an attractive way to ward off inclement weather

These 100% polyester umbrellas are made by Francesco Maglia in Milan with solid steel frames and handmade handles covered with supple calves‘leather. It sports orange colored spots on a blue background on top and blue spots on an orange background beneath, where it’s dry.
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Stainless Steel Magnetic Soap Holder. Reduced to a ring and a rod

A minimalist expenditure of form and material, made by bending, buckling and turning the same material, a stainless steel rod with a diameter of 8 mm. Just one fastening element, a stainless steel ring turned on a lathe, with a single screw. Awarded the North Rhine-Westphalian Red Dot Award for product design in 2004, one of the most important industrial design prizes.
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Men’s Suede Hooded Jacket. Cut like a parka from chamois tanned leather

A parka cut hooded jacket made of luxurious, chamois tanned deerskin. In addition to the opulent material, the metal zippers, snap fasteners, cord locks and eyelets are reinforced with cowhide. The viscose serge sleeve lining facilitates getting in and out of the jacket.
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Flower Bulb Planter. With an extra-long handle to avoid backache

If you’re dealing with large numbers of bulbs or with heavy soil you’ll appreciate the extra-long handle. Just punch a hole in the ground with the help of the smooth conical tip and the foot-bar on the side. For the next hole, the soil in the planter pushes up and out and you can replace it with your foot.
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Heavy Foliage Rake. A professional leaf rake from the Sauerland

The handle mounting, outer tines and bow are reinforced. The width of the rake can be adjusted from 31 to 44 cm. The tines are galvanized. With it you’re equipped for the onslaught of leaves in the fall.
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Insulating Plastic Thermo-Composter. Continues composting in Winter

With the right design, like this one has, a compost box will stay hot enough to compost through the winter, churning out beautiful, crumbly dark brown compost. Ours is easy to assemble and stands firmly on the ground under its own weight. It’s ideal for small gardens because it takes up less space.
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Bolich's Metal Light. Not just for cellars

This handsome lamp is not just one of those utilitarian sources of illumination which gathers dust in the cellar. It’s white inside and black outside, with a porcelain socket and a clear, screw-in, cylindrical glass lens. Put it somewhere to be seen!
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Deerskin Handbag. With a distinctive grain pattern

In spite of its extremely smooth and natural texture, the leather is hardwearing and tear resistant. The white-tailed deer is the most common deer species in North America and is far from extinct. Made in Germany especially for us with a ball clasp frame closure.
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Broad Galvanized Steel Hand Harrow. With professional gardeners in mind

The handle and neck have been set at such an angle to the two rows of prongs to keep them at right angles to the ground when the harrow is held normally.This enables the tool to go to work like a harrow. And it really does a thorough job loosening up the soil or rooting up weeds.
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Nigel Cabourn Men’s Cold Weather Parka. Down from Mountain Patrol

The parka offers its wearer protection from the elements without restricting movement. The Y-shaped ”beaver flap“allows the parka to be worn in three positions. With a spacious sideways pocket on the chest for card storage and two large welt pockets to warm your hands or carry items. Manufactured where it has always been made from cotton fabric coated with beeswax and paraffin.
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Rotating Soap. From French public buildings and state-run railways

This chromium-plated brass rod and wall attachment hangs securely, turning freely on an angled axis, which offers a few advantages: first, it is much quicker and easier to wash dirty hands, and, second, the soap dries off quickly over the entire surface. The manufacturer claims 1,000 washes with a 300 g bar of this soap.
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Leather Glasses Case. Made from saddle leather

The cases owe their stability to the thickness of leather which is manually formed on a hot metal reamer while the leather is still wet. In addition to its relative hardness, the leather remains supple, can withstand enormous pressure and is shock resistant. Comes in two widths.
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Women’s Camel Hair Cardigan. Fully fashioned, with mother of pearl buttons

„Camel hair improves with age“ which means this hip-length cardigan finely knit from two-ply camel hair yarn is incredibly warm, silky smooth, and durable and gets softer with every wash . It’s fashioned with a crew collar and 9 cm wide, elastic cuffs. The collar and placket are edged with a narrow hem. Made in Scotland.
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Library Ladder With Handle. A cabinet maker’s speciality

It employs an unusual design, with off-set steps with exposed dowels. The rear side rails are executed above the uppermost step as grips, providing extra stability on the upper steps. When not in use the ladder can simply be folded and hung on the hook made for it on the wall. For book cases up to 3 meters in height.
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