Unusual Shoes. Berkemann Clogs

Berkemann Nappa Clogs

Their wooden soles are made of light, yet sturdy poplar, while the leather uppers – unlike ordinary clogs – are first nailed, then screwed on to the wood by hand, not just machine-tacked on. A special feature is the Berkemann patent 'foot bed', the modeled inner sole that makes walking in these clogs so comfortable.
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Breton Tradition. Armor lux Terry Cloth Hooded Jacket

Armor lux Terry Cloth Hooded Jacket for Men

This jacket, with a double processed hood, is extremely comfortable to wear and is especially suited for the summer holidays – with warm weather there is nothing encumbering about it. The neck ring consists of a knitted, tricolored band and the wide cuffs are doubled and made of terry cloth. Terry cloth is voluminous and soft, and also air-permeable and comfortably climatizing, because the material – thanks to its surface increased by looped yarn – absorbs a lot of moisture. As we said: it’s perfect for a warm summer day.
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Heavy-duty. Moveable Clothes-Horse

Moveable Clothes-Horse

On its rubber wheels this clothes-horse is easy to move about in your apartment even when tightly loaded. The plastic-coated clothes line extends to 13 strips, giving you a usable length of 19 metres – that's enough for one full load. The frame is of beech wood and grey-coated tubular steel, and it can be folded away by detaching the central wooden support from its steel ring. Spare lines are obtainable from us if needed.
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Wanderlust. Elk Leather Haversack Bag

Elk Leather Haversack Bag

Elk leather is famous for being not only very tough and weather resistant, but also soft and smooth, with cloth-like qualities – an ideal material to turn it into a light and robust bag like this one. Its form has been used since the start of the 20th century as haversack with two compartments. When full, the bag is carried with a button-up shoulder strap and when empty it can be carried on your belt.

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Magic Lantern. Petromax High-powered Lamp

Petromax High-Powered Lamp

It is much more than simply a continually operating emergency light: due to its impressive light output of 400 watts, the "Pretromax" can serve as an energy independent, truly high performing light source. Operation is uncomplicated: you attach the gas mantle, fill the tank with clean petroleum and set, by activating the pump attached to the foot of the lamp, the necessary pressure. A carburetor leads the petroleum into the gas mantle, on whose surface the burning takes place. Ignition ensues by a simple contraption for preheating: on top of the petroleum tank attached is a small bowl, into which spiritus is poured.
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Milled and Welded. Manufactum Steel Rose Arch

Manufactum Steel Rose Arch

We have constructed this rose arch with optical modesty – placing great value on its especially effective construction. It is built in a trapezoid shape and consists of two transverse arches opened outwards. This form has two advantages: with increased standing space the transverse arch is much more stabile than simple rose arches. Furthermore, the plants have more opportunities for climbing. Three components are included in delivery: an extensive assembly manual, mounting material, and pegs for attaching the arch to the ground.
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Solid Gardener's Tool. Pruning Shears with Beechwood Handles

Pruning Shears with Beechwood Handles

The handles of these pruning shears are made of beechwood, a hardwood that sits comfortably in the hand, which is advantageous especially when it's cold outside. These shears are very solidly built, with an adjustment scew for the blades held by a guide plate and a smooth spring action. A rugged metal loop is attached to close the tool safely when not in use. The blades cut branches up to 2.5 cm in diameter.
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Relax! The Adirondack Garden Chair

Adirondack Garden Chair

This Chair, with the disctinctive arm rests and unusually low position, is nearly ubiquitous in the United States, owing largely to the fact that this traditional, simply processed piece of furniture makes for a perfect recliner. On the wide arm rests, you can place refreshments, or set down your reading material. We've found in Saxony a workshop for the disabled which produces our version of the "Adirondack" – still simply, but rigorously processed, and equipped with the characteristic and preserved folding mechanism. The chair is manufactured from untreated, indigenous silver fir timber from sustainable forestry.
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Reliable. Cherry Wood Tray

Cherry Wood Tray Faced with Linoleum

For kitchen and dining room. A stable tray with solid, oiled and polished cherry wood frame and a plywood bottom that is faced with linoleum – which makes the tray heavy because of the wood and relatively skid-proof becauce of the linoleum. The tray is made for us in a workshop in Hesse and has for years been a staple in our catalogue.

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Summer Style. Armor lux Sundress

Armor lux Sundress

In the town of Quimper in Brittany, the French company Armor lux manufactures this classic beach dress with scoop neck and shoulder cut from stocking stitch, medium-duty cotton jersey with a pleasantly dry and grainy feel. The knee-length dress is comfortably cut and can be made tighter at the waist with a cotton drawstring – wear it to the beach or on a summery city tour.
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Healthy Feet. Berkemann Wooden Sandal

Berkemann Wooden Sandal

The original Berkemann wooden sandal stimulates and strengthens the gripping movement of the foot. The poplar wood sole is varnished on the sides and the walking sole is made of natural rubber. The white leather strap – from calf leather – runs through the sole and is lined with felt, and the buckle can also be closed with a flexible side rivet.
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School Supplies. Leather Writing Case

Leather Writing Case Without Contents

Made from red-tanned cow's leather and with a zipper and pull of nickel plated brass. In addition to their very practical aspects, what characterises the products from Sonnenleder on Lake Constance is that with age – after countless years of school and university – they become more interesting and individual. The company uses traditional methods to process vegetabe leather from South German cattle. It has a characteristic light brown or reddish colour – in time, use and exposure to the sun changes its hue, with a protective patina giving the material an unmistakable appearance.
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An American Classic. Folding Aluminium Paper Sorter

Folding Aluminium Paper Sorter

For brain workers. Known as a 'collator', this is an American classic. It's a flexible and space-saving file for work in progress, ideal for sorting out and prioritising your paper work. The paper sorter is suitable for any desk – even the largest version, with 24 compartments and a maximum folded-out size of 2.5 metres. Folded out, it has a depth of 80 cm and each compartment will take a batch of papers up to 2.4 cm thick. And by the way – the paper sorter also serves well as a newspaper and magazine holder.
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Crisp and Cooling. Men's Irish Linen Shirt

Men’s Irish Linen Shirt normal cut

This shirt is an Irish-South Italian co-production. Mazzarelli, famous shirtmaker in Castellana Grotte, designs the garment out of pure Irish linen from Spence Bryson – and exclusively for Manufactum. The shirt features a Kent collar, stitch folded button line and a patch breast pocket. Collar, band and cuffs are not, like it is the norm nowadays, stuck with interfacing, but are sewn loosely. The buttons are made out of mother of pearl. The shirt is loose, but not overly wide in cut and a double back yoke ensures a very comfortable fit.

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Italian Summer Shoes. Women's Cowhide Strap Sandal

Women’s Cowhide Strap Sandal

The structural details of these strap sandals made of Tuscan cowhide only reveal themselves at the second glance: a cushioning extra sole between out- and insole increases comfort and also serves to embed and guide the continuous leather strap, allowing it to adapt to the shape of the foot. The undyed leather darkens in the sun and gradually shows signs of wear, such as those caused by rain, and thus develops a vibrant coat when worn. Calzaturificio Buttero produces the sandals near Florence.
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Two in One. Crude Steel Fire Bowl

Crude Steel Fire-Bowl

This fire bowl is made from a 4-mm thick steel sheet with three welded ‘feet’ and two grids. The flattened bottom bowl, capable of holding charcoal or wood, typically serves as the final element in industrial pressure tanks. The grill, made of welded square sections, improves air circulation and burning. The stainless steel cooking grid will enable you to use this fire bowl for a simple, quick barbecue. The fire bowl comes with a drainage hole.
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Dutch Tradition. Manufactum Stainless Steel Hook

Manufactum Stainless Steel Hook

This ‘one-pronged’ cultivator is good for deep loosening and aerating, and often does it better than a fork. It helps preserve the soil structure, supplies the roots with oxygen, and promotes soil bacteria and earthworm life. The hand-forged hook is part of our diverse range of garden tools and made for us by the old-established Dutch firm of Sneeboer. Two different types of steel are used: a more highly alloyed type, tougher, for the tongues and necks to the handles, and a lower alloyed type, easier to forge, for the working surfaces.
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Qualified Sports Equipment. Manufactum Leather Football

Manufactum Leather Football

Until 1970 this was the football used in official matches and international tournaments. This splendid Manufactum version is even better than its predecessors: made from bark-tanned Allgäu cowhides, it is sewn together from 18 leather strips, as is the tradition. Inside, it is reinforced with two layers of textile and a latex bladder. It is not cheap, so you should look after it with leather oil, but you should also use it, as weathering makes it more attractive.
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For Your Summer Aperitifs. Steel Garden Drinks Bar

Steel Garden Drinks Bar

Made by the French firm of Fermob this functional yet stylish 'side-table' is designed to hold (wine) bottles in the lower section and cutlery, glasses etc. in the upper section. Both sections have surrounding guard railings. And another feature that improves on the usual 'drinks tray' – this one has a carrier handle at the top, so you can always have one hand free on the way from house to garden. The steel frame has been given a special cataphoretic dip treatment to give added rust-protection – particularly at the welded joints.
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