Organising Limited Space. Elevated Garden Bed

With limited space – for example, on a balcony or small terrace – this tall plant box offers you the possibility to set up a small vegetable or herb garden, or a flower bed. The plant box can even serve as a space divider and a small garden simultaneously, and you may use it to protect privacy. On the trellis, which can be simply placed in the soil and covered, climbing plants can grow. Moreover, to assemble the plant box, hardly any tools are needed, only a few mounting materials. The legs are formed, when set diagonally to each other, to hold the box without additional fortification. Shop the Product

Lightweight And Handy. Small Steel Garden Spade

Small Manganese Boron Steel Garden Spade

This small spade with solid ash handle comes from a smithy in Oldenburg, North-West Germany, and is made of special manganese boron steel, which can be hardened to a high degree while retaining its elasticity. It’s a light, but at the same time very sturdy tool – and really good value for money. Steel treads over the top edge of the blade protect the soles of your rubber boots.
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Sturdy And Indestructible. Red Wing Iron Ranger

Red Wing 8111 Iron Ranger

Red Wing in Minnesota have been making shoes for workers in agriculture, industry and mining since 1905. It was mining that provided the impetus for the present model – the Iron Ranger. It is an archetypal solid working boot just as good for long walks. Nothing has been changed in material, shape, process or finish for over 90 years.

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Gardner’s Furniture. Manufactum Larch Gardener’s Table

Manufactum Larch-Wood Gardener‘s Table

You’ve seen them in garden centres – work tables specially designed for transplanting, pricking out and generally caring for plants. Our good-looking table has been produced for us by a firm of south-west Germany producers of furniture in a smaller size for private use. The three-sided working surface is of nickel-plated steel and easy to clean. Underneath is a rectangular basin, with straight edges and two drain-aways holes, for standing the plants. The table, despite its size, will fit easily on to all but the smallest balconies. The frame is of weather-resistant larch wood.
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Organizing Your Notes. ATOMA

Blank Atoma A5 Notebook

The famous Belgian ATOMA notebook system consists entirely of runaway rings and flightly pages, whereby the rings prevent the pages from flying off and the pages prevent the rings from running away – at any rate, thanks to a patented special perforation the pages can always be easily separated from each other. So you can add, rearrange or combine the various forms and your notes any time you want (or need) to – even from your own notebooks. The ATOMA system also includes a special hole puncher and a variety of clear plastic folders.
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Comfortable to Wear. Armor lux Terry Cloth Shirt

Armor Lux Terry Cloth Shirt

Armor lux in Brittany uses bright blue terry cloth to make this simple, comfortably cut shirt. The shirt’s crew neckline is adorned with a knitted, tri-color band, and it is made of the finest Egyptian cotton, which is ring spun and of the highest yarn quality. Terry cloth especially is made from elaborate yarns multiply twisted, which already possess the loops typical for this fabric – hence the lively, smooth surface of the material. Fabric of this kind is not only voluminous and soft, it also has loops on the underside and is permeable to air.
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Outdoors Or Indoors. Solid Aluminum

Small Aluminium Wall Lamp

It is heavy enough and quite robust – with its protective cage this lamp is modeled on similar types which were originally designed to brighten up ships’ quarters and other damp rooms, let’s say around a harbour. Nowadays we recommend you mount it near your doorstep or as a basement or cellar light. The aluminum light may be used as wall or ceiling light, just as it suits you.

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Three in One. Ladies‘ Red Tan Leather Bag

Ladies’ Red-tan Leather Bag

Use it as a roomy ‘all-purpose’ bag. Or – with the help of the two smart handles – as a compact and elegant handbag with the side flaps folded down. Worn over the shoulder, the bag shows its third form, with the help of a comfortable leather strap which then ensures that the hands remain free. Whether as a purse, small travel bag for shopping or for the office (a standard folder will fit inside) – this bag will get the job done. It comes from the Sonnenleder tannery in Bodman-Ludwigshafen, a small town on Lake Constance.
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Comfortable Garment. Ladies‘ Horse Hide Leather Jacket

Ladies‘ Horse-Hide Leather Roadster Jacket

For this leather jacket we use exclusively European cow-hide from ‘happy cows’ – that is, animals that led normal lives and were not specially reared to produce leather. The leather-making process consists, firstly, of mineral tanning, then aniline drum dyeing, followed by natural greasing. This careful process means that the leather is deep dyed, and not e.g. brush-dyed or treated with any other surface process that conceals the natural look and feel of the material. The grain is in fact not subjected to any kind of smoothing or polishing process.
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Unusual Combination. Espresso Maker with Porcelain Pot

Espresso Maker with Porcelain

Makes four cups. This espresso maker is made using a combination of two materials which are not usually seen together. The filter and water holder are stainless steel, but the pot itself and the water siphon are heat-resistant porcelain. This design has thermal, aesthetic and hygienic advantages. The espresso stays hot for longer because the porcelain retains the heat. And where does the espresso maker come from? – Italy, of course.
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Works Well, Writes Well. Copper Pocket Fountain Pen

Copper Pocket Fountain Pen

This miniature pen sits solidly in the hand – it is nice to hold, even with nothing to write. Screwed on with the double thread, the cap extends the length of the fountain pen shaft in the writing mode. Text, doodles and etc. flow from a gently gliding nib which is astonishingly large for a writing implement of this format. The ink-feed system will not run or leak in your pocket or in the pressurized cabin of an airplane. Thanks to its practical size, the fountain pen can be tucked into the pants pocket, where the copper will take on a good polish, and depending on habits of use, storage and transportation, can develop a patina.

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Durable Gardening Equipment. Set of Stainless Steel Hand Tools

99511 Set of Stainless Steel Hand Tools

We’ve got three hand tools here for a wide variety of garden jobs. The company of Burgon & Ball manufactures them in Sheffield, and all three are made of stainless steel and rubber tree wood. The extra concave trowel enables you to get down to lower levels of soil than ordinary trowels, and is also ideal for shifting larger amounts of soil, sand or compost. The hand rake will help you get rid of leaves and stones effortlessly from smaller flower beds, and the ‘weeding finger’ with its crooked blade will remove weeds from the most inaccessible of spots.
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Reliable Collector of Dirt. Coconut Velour Door Mat

88036 Coconut Velour Door Mat

We offer this door mat in two formats – one standard and one with enough area for large entrances and big feet as well. It is produced of pure coconut and colorfully dyed at the Schär coconut weaving mill in western Germany, where the original production methods have been preserved as if they remained in a time bubble. The traditional type of weave in coconut velour generates a tremendously thick, coarse carpet that reliably collects not only dirt, but also dust.
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All The Details. Women’s Duffle Coat Elysian

Women’s Duffle Coat Elysian

What makes this coat special is its fabric – Elysian, with an extra layer of weft threads, creates a shield that is water and snow resistant. Its herringbone structure reduces the surface tension making this full weight fabric soft, warm and cozy. Altogether an unusual combination of qualities that makes this coat easy to wear, very attractive and ideal for wintery weather. The Coat comes with every detail a classic duffle should have – loop-and-toggle fastenings made of leather and polished horn for example. The hood has button-up flaps to protect the neck area.
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Galvanised Steel and Glass. Indoor Greenhouse

Glass / Steel Indoor Greenhouse

Glass panes, frames made of steel – yes, this one is a greenhouse of the old school. But it comes in a smaller format to fit on to a window-seat. The idea is to grow in it seeds and seedlings that need high humidity and a good microclimate. Once the plants have grown big enough, they can be planted out in the garden. The adjustable ‘lid’ of the greenhouse ensures good ventilation.
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Made in England. Bone China Suspended Lamp

‘Bone China’ is one of the noblest porcelains. It’s a bright white, extremely thin yet practically unbreakable. Its most surprising property is perhaps the way it lets through the light – shimmering like satin and with a warm glow. The secret Chinese recipe for making bode china was cracked by a stone factory in England in the middle of the 18th century – the addition of bone ash in the firing process. Mass production is impossible even today, and the number of firms that have the necessary manufacturing skills is limited. But we’ve found such a firm in England that possesses real ‘craftsman skills’.
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A Real Pro. Hand-lever-operated Lemon Juice Extractor ‘Hadarit‘

Hand-lever-operated lemon juice extractor ‘Hadarit’

Hadarit is the lemon juice extractor in Israel, used all over the country by street vendors. In our opinion it’s the best of its kind. It’s indestructible, is made almost entirely of steel and weighs nearly 10 kilos – and it even squeezes the juice out of pomegranates! The simple, purist form the Hadarit shows comes from its functionality. The heavy hand-lever with a non-slip grip is constructed so as to provide maximum pressing power with minimum effort. The only synthetic parts are those that come into contact with the fruit and the juice. These are made of extra-thick polyamide.
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