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Eribé fair isle ladies’ lambswool cap


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Brief Product Information

Knitted woollen cap, without turn-up, border in Fair Isle patterning. One size fits all.

Additional Information

Two-ply Lambswool in Red.

Two-ply lambswool from the first shearing is used for our patterned ladies’ scarves. The weaving technique - a speciality of our producers, Hinchcliffe & Sons from the north of England – involves a double-spinning and twisting process that gives the material an unrivalled brilliance - one, we find, especially good for the colour red.
Made of 100% lambswool (first shearing). Fineness 20.5 micron, yarn count Nm 17/2. Stockinette stitching, Gauge 7 knit.

Fair Isle Patterns – in wonderful detail.

‘Fair Isle’ patterns (the name comes from a small island off the north coast of Scotland) have a long tradition. They were originally used for the thick pullovers worn by the local fishermen, but came into general fashion round about 1910 for ordinary leisure wear. In accessories like the ones offered here there’s always at least two different coloured yarns in every row. The rows, and the change or play of colours that go with it, occur at short intervals and in small sections.