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4 Paper Clamps with Magnet

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Brief Product Information

The paper clamps are firmly fixed to a magnet. In this sturdy construction, the clamps will hold objects up to a weight of 750 g. 2 small clamps (width 30 mm) and two large ones (width 57 mm) in each set. Magnets of 30 mm dia., adhesive strength 7.5 Newton.

Additional Information

Magnetic Powers.

From the single ferrite magnet to this neodymium miracle of strength: ordinary magnets are fine for attaching blueprints, memoranda or recipes to metal doors, fridges or our special magnetic boards. But – what about heavier weights? This is where you need neodymium magnets.

Please Note!

These magnets are extremely powerful and must absolutely not come within range of a pacemaker! The same applies to magnetic data banks, mechanical clocks or compasses. Make sure they don't collide, especially from a distance – they might splinter.

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