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10 Magnets

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Brief product information – 10 Magnets

Not in a plastic housing as is customary but in a steel one with a galvanised surface. The set consists of five magnets of 1 cm dia., height 4.5 mm, adhesive strength 4 Newton, and five magnets of 3.2 cm dia., height 7 mm, adhesive strength 80 Newton.

Magnetic Powers.

From the single ferrite magnet to this neodymium miracle of strength: ordinary magnets are fine for attaching blueprints, memoranda or recipes to metal doors, fridges or our special magnetic boards. But – what about heavier weights? This is where you need neodymium magnets.

Please Note!

These magnets are extremely powerful and must absolutely not come within range of a pacemaker! The same applies to magnetic data banks, mechanical clocks or compasses. Make sure they don't collide, especially from a distance – they might splinter.

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